[Spce-user] Question about configuration

Daniel Speichert daniel at speichert.pl
Mon Apr 25 10:56:27 EDT 2011

I've tested this method and it partially works.
I can initiate the call through voipdiscount account operated by 
additional instance of sems, it rings, I can answer.
The problem is that I never hear anything, nor I can be heard on the 
other side.
Do you have any idea ?

Btw. when do you plan on releasing the next version ?

Best Regards,
Daniel Speichert

W dniu 2011-03-20 22:18, Andreas Granig pisze:
> Hi Daniel
> On 03/20/2011 09:07 PM, Daniel Speichert wrote:
>> I'm afraid that yes, I need to authenticate to the SIP server, it means,
>> change the user (masquerade).
>> Is it possible at all ?
> Not out of the box yet, but you might have a look at
> http://lists.sipwise.com/pipermail/spce-user/2011-January/000062.html
> where Stefan explains how to do it with an additional SEMS instance.
> We're working hard on the next release, where we'd like to stream-line
> this feature. It will still take a couple of weeks though.
> Andreas
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