[Spce-user] Issue with caller ID on authenticated outbound calls ...

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Thu Aug 4 06:50:08 EDT 2011


On 08/04/2011 12:35 PM, Sébastien Cramatte wrote:
> We have just talk with our provider and they told us that
> Sip packets should contains both header : authentication  + callerid

It does. The authentication header is there, and the caller id is set in
the P-Asserted-Identity header (rfc 3325). Where do they expect you to
set the callerid? When they require authentication from your side, they
should also provide you with an exact specification of where (which
parts of which headers) to put what (auth-username, callerid, etc.).

Setting the callerid in the From-userpart will break 9 out of 10 other
sip peerings when doing authentication, so you'll have to adapt the
uac_rewrite_from part by yourself to match your carrier's requirement,
or convince your carrier to take it from P-Asserted-Identity.


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