[Spce-user] ngcpcfg fail.

Michael Prokop mprokop at sipwise.com
Fri Aug 19 06:16:44 EDT 2011

* Jonathan Scott [Thu Aug 18, 2011 at 05:48:38PM -0400]:

> Not quite sure what's happening here... had added a secure certificate  
> and changed a few other variables in config.yml

> Did a less config.yml config.yml.factory_default and I saw no syntax  
> differences....

> root at sip:/# ngcpcfg apply
> YAML Error: Expected separator '---'
>    Line: 1
>    Document: 2
>  at /usr/share/perl5/YAML.pm line 36
> Generating /etc/ngcp-www-csc/csc.conf based on  
> /etc/ngcp-config/templates//etc/ngcp-www-csc/csc.conf.tt2: FAILED
> root at sip:/#

> Clearly the path is wrong, doesn't surprise me why it failed, but can't  
> find where anything has changed.

Did you modify /etc/ngcp-config/constants.yml?

What does

  diff -u /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml.factory_default /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml


If you can't spot your change that broke the syntax of the file
please provide /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml,
/etc/ngcp-config/constants.yml and
/etc/ngcp-config/templates//etc/ngcp-www-csc/csc.conf.tt2 (if you
want you can mail it to me off-the-list).


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