[Spce-user] reminder calls

Jonathan Scott jonathan at xpressamerica.net
Wed Aug 24 11:53:31 EDT 2011

On 8/23/2011 6:15 PM, Skyler wrote:
>>>> Aug 23 17:34:02 sip /usr/sbin/kamailio[25929]: INFO:<script>: Proxy
>>>> authentication failed, invalid user - M=INVITE
>>>> R=sip:test__AT__sip.xatel.net at
>>>> F=sip:reminder at voicebox.sipwise.local
>>>> T=sip:test__AT__sip.xatel.net at IP=
>>>> ( ID=30c12e880abf69a764c4b53562a52fd8 at voicebox.sipwise.local
>>>    No idea. What is test__AT__sip.xatel.net at URI? looks like
>>> multiple domains, should this be test at sip.xatel.net ?
>> Yes this should be test at sip.xatel.net and I've been eyeballing it trying
>> to figure out why it was there.
>> sip.xatel.net was the only domain ever setup on this system.
>   don't know what would rewrite your URI to test__AT__
>   Have you made any changes to your proxy config at all?
> S.

Just the changes recently discussed about the caller name issue, and 
sems sbcprofile had changed the session timeout method from update to 
Not having this problem anywhere else in the auto generated 
configuration, just with the reminder feature.

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