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Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Sat Aug 27 14:30:58 EDT 2011

Hi Jonathan,

On 08/27/2011 07:48 PM, Jonathan Scott wrote:
> I can confirm that MWI is working 100%..
> I actually have a customer that wanted MWI to be disabled, did not see
> an interface for this, possible feature in the future?

Actually, would you mind contributing such a feature? Should be pretty
easy to do:

1. insert the new option into the db like this:

mysql -e "insert into voip_preferences values(NULL, 'disable_mwi', 1, 1,
1, 0, 0, now(), 0, 'boolean', 0, 'Check if you want to disable Message
Waiting Indication for this particular user')" provisioning

This will/should show up as a check-box in your user-preferences page in
the admin panel immediately.

2. implement the feature in proxy.cfg

# cp /etc/ngcp-config/templates/etc/kamailio/proxy/proxy.cfg.tt2

This customtt file will always take precedence when calling "ngcpcfg
apply", so it'll be used instead of the upstream tt2

In your proxy.cfg.customtt.tt2, modify "route[ROUTE_NOTIFY]", especially
check after line "route(ROUTE_LOAD_CALLEE_PREF);".

Note that the feature you added in 1.) will end up as avp here, e.g. in
this example you'll have to do something like this:

if($avp(s:disable_mwi) == 1) {
	# send back 200 to Asterisk to make it shut up
	sl_send_reply("200", "MWI supressed");
	# then exit silently

3. Test and send us your patch, especially your mysql statements and
your diff between your customtt file and the stock tt2 file. If you've
questions on how to contribute, just ask here :)


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