[Spce-user] Incoming Calls with SPCE 2.4 stop working ....

Sébastien Cramatte scramatte at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 07:28:12 EST 2011


Since we have upgraded to SPCE 2.4 incoming calls don't work ...

SIP Peering send use incoming call to an IP  but on this SPCE server we 
have various domains.

With SPCE 2.2   we have   sip.mydomain.com,  sip.myotherdomain.com, and 
the IP  of the SPCE server itself.
All subscribers always belong to  sip.mydomain.com or sip.myotherdomain.com.

As you know we must have the IP of server in domains list else  SPCE 
reports us an error :  domain not served here.

Unfortunately with SPCE 2.4  for all incoming calls we have got now  an 
error :  "Call to unknown user".
Seems that SPCE is unable to forward incoming to local domains ...

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