[Spce-user] First activations SPCE

Antonio Sirianni as at solei.it
Sat Dec 31 07:34:22 EST 2011

Hi all,
incoming experience in spce 2.4 VMWARE edition We have verified some 
initial problem:
1) In Administrator web interface, when select "Statistics" We receive 
following warning message:
     "File /rrd/get?path=swap/swap-free.rrd is not a valid RRD archive!"

2) On "Account" and then on "Get by ID" or "Get by External ID" how is 
possible to search contents without specify exactly? Selecting "search 
button" received a message "Invalid ID, please use number only"or 
"Please enter an external ID in the search box".

3) On provisioning interface 
"https://spce_ip:2443/SOAP/Provisioning.wsdl", after We have configured 
as specified in manual no user and password are accepted and We don't 
receive any error information. Confirming user and password the windows 
logging propose newly the logging interface without error.
We have followed the manual indication:

- We have generated password as request
     htpasswd -nbs admin admin

- We have modified the config.yml file as follow
     - user: admin
       pass: admin
We have applied modification as request
     ngcpcfg apply

4) How Can verify registration error and registration log?

Thank You for Your support

Antonio Sirianni

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