[Spce-user] How to register 3rd party SIP service provider.

Sailo VL Hruaia sailo at intomobiles.com
Wed Jan 5 07:26:21 EST 2011

Following 'The sip:provider CE Handbook' there seems to be a
possibility of terminating calls at 3rd party SIP trunks. That will
not be possible unless we register our SIP server to their service.

As outlined in 3.4 Creating peerings. To create Peering Servers, the
web interface provides Name,IP Address,Port,Weight with Peering rules.
However there is no provision such as user name and password to
register to the 3rd party SIP trunk. While we can make such provision
in Asterisk configuration, for example:
secret= mysecretpassword
host=sip.voipprovider.com (or IP address)

Is it possible to register to 3rd party SIP service provider for
termination of calls using their service? If so, where shall we put
the registration details, such as username and password?


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