[Spce-user] Can't route alphanumeric numbers

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Fri Jan 7 03:38:59 EST 2011

El Thu, 6 Jan 2011 22:46:15 -0300
pablo umanzor <pabloumanzor at gmail.com> escribió:

> thanks Jon! i did it  and now is working!
> first i added a
> Inbound Rewrite Rules for Callee
> ([1-9][0-9]+)$      \1
> to matching  with subscriber number and then i normalized on sip peering rules

As explained in the spce handbook, you need to play with the numbering format
and inbound/outbound rules. The spce needs E164 format numbers to process the
calls. Here you have some examples:

Call from subscriber to external number (PSTN):
  Inbound rewrite rules for domain
  Outbound rewrite rules for peer

Call from subscriber to subscriber:
  Inbound rewrite rules for domain
  Outbound rewrite rules for domain

Call from PSTN to subscriber:
  Inbound rewrite rules for peer
  Outbound rewrite rules for domain

Inbound rewrite rules should always rewrite the callee (and caller for several
features) number to E164 format. Eg "43 1 1001" for Austria, "34 94 4441234" for
Spain. Outbound rewrite rules should rewrite the numbers to the format the
subscribers or the peers expect to receive. 

> however, after making a hangup  (from called number) i didn't receive
> a bye msg , i will check the logs again

This is a different issue. You could use "ngrep-sip" to check the sip flow of
the call and see what's happening.
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