[Spce-user] Fax2mail or pdf support

Laslo Müther, kabelfrei GmbH muether at kabelfrei.net
Thu Jun 30 23:57:01 EDT 2011

Hi Daniel,thanks for your fast reply.>Hi!

>> - fax2mail support (configurable in user portal)
>> - fax2pdf support (received faxes downloadable in user portal)
>> Could anyone give some info on these topics (supported? planned? not
>> planned? etc.)

>Is an add-on for the PRO platform, requires special hardware (ISDN
>gateways and interface cards) and tuning. AFAIR there is also a
>software-only solution out there, but it didn't prove to be reliable in
Could you give more infos on the software-solution. We plan to offer voip services to non business customers, so fax per mail or pdf might be an addon.
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