[Spce-user] Enabling TLS transport

Jonathan Martin jmartin at akcode.com
Sun Nov 20 00:00:18 EST 2011


I checked the mailing list archive and found a thread started in July asking about TLS support in Spce.  An answer was not posted regarding how to enable TLS support in Spce.  I followed the instructions in the v2.2 handbook for installing on a clean Debian squeeze machine.  I have been able to initiate calls between two SIP clients, but cannot figure out how to enable TLS in Spce.  I’ve looked in the kamailio.cfg file generated by the install and did not find any TLS entries (e.g. the WITH_TLS define and enable_tls=yes).  This leads me to assume that TLS is not enabled.  Can anyone provide some insight on how to enable TLS in v2.2?

--Jonathan Martin
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