[Spce-user] Problems with NAT-Fukction and mediaproxy

Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg friedeburg at aco.de
Mon Oct 31 16:17:21 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I have some problems with the nat-functions of ce:
The PST-Gateway that we used also work with loadbalancer and inserted some contact-header. All of the items of the gateway platform are reacheable over public IP's but ce interpreted this a NAT-DEVICE! The consequence is, that all calls to PST are handled by mediaproxy.
How is the way to tell ce that the PST-Gateway is not a NAT-DEVICE?

The second problem is that mediaproya (CE is running as a vmware guest) generate very small packets, on average only 160 bytes. The PST-Gateway signals a Ptime=20 that means that this gateway use Packetszise of 200 bytes. So that jitter don’t work and after a few minutes (3 to 5 minutes) the stream is interrupted.
Is this a knowing problem by using ce as VMWARE guest?

          Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg

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