[Spce-user] Touching CallerID Again

Jonathan Scott jonathan at xpressamerica.net
Thu Sep 1 13:56:32 EDT 2011

I've tried a few different things to change the way callerid is 
presented with ngcp, but just not getting very far.
The callername we've discussed and fixed so far.
I'm interested to know how everyone else is being presented calling 
number in the CLI. It's not out of the realm of possibility that this is 
also a misconfiguration of my peer as well.

ATA boxes strip the realm and pass the calling line information to the 
analog phone set properly, so we see: Test Name <TestNumber>, not 
TestName <TestNumber at Realm.Tld>
This allows us to call back based on our caller ID list, or use dial 
back feature of last caller.
SoftPhones and IPPhones are displaying the Realm.Tld in the calling 
number. It's always 207391XXXX at, which is our Sip to PSTN 
Media Gateway, our one and only peer on NGCP. This becomes a problem 
because you can not dial based on your received calls, is 
not a domain that ngcp serves, so it won't route the call. Domain or 
peer rewrite rules will not hit, because it's not a domain we serve. 
Incoming peer rules won't hit, because rules seem to only effect the 
user end of the CLI, not the realm so we can't strip this. When it's a 
call from a user within the same domain, the callerid number is 
presented as expected, simply just Username, no realm.

Is there a method to alias the peer domain? More importantly, is this an 
issue with anyone else?

Jonathan Scott Knox
Systems Administrator
XATel Communication
7 Green Street, Biddeford ME. 04005
(207)391.1000 (Mon - Thur, 9AM - 6PM. Friday - 9AM - 5PM.)

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