[Spce-user] Example php script for soap provisioning.

Jonathan Scott jonathan at xpressamerica.net
Mon Sep 26 14:12:03 EDT 2011

Here I'll provide an example connection script using get_subscriber 
method, and explain a few issues we had testing soap provisioning. This 
is just an example, much more work is required to integrate this into 
any current database/intranet.
First we started testing provisioning with XML-RPC, and had noticed the 
client would error out a lot... after it was run we could not run it 
again for a few minutes. Must be the provisioning server not accepting 
requests, some sort of queue protection? When we got Soap working, we 
could connect and reconnect much more frequently, once in a while the 
same error would come across if the server was busy or something.

Secondly we could not use the built in PHP5 Soap extension, would not 
parse the descriptor file properly. Using NuSoap was the answer here, 
although NuSoap is slightly slower, if it works it works right?

Jonathan Scott Knox
Systems Administrator
XATel Communication
7 Green Street, Biddeford ME. 04005
(207)391.1000 (Mon - Thur, 9AM - 6PM. Friday - 9AM - 5PM.)

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