[Spce-user] Presence support on SPCE?

Raul Urbanovitsh urbanovitsh at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 04:01:40 EDT 2012

I'm currently trying to set up sip simple presence (but xcap would be ok as
well). Adding one more instance of Kamailio seems a bit too complex, but
adding presence capability to proxy perhaps not so much. I installed the
kamailio-presence-modules and I can modify proxy's config file to load
these modules.
However, how to add presence tables to SPCE database and
config presence.cfg.customtt.tt2 to handle presence still alludes me.

Seems very strange to me that I am the first one with this problem. Nobody
else needs presence?


On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 00:49, Sébastien Cramatte <scramatte at gmail.com>wrote:

> As far as I know Kamailio setup depends of which kind of presense is
> required (Xcap or Sip Simple )  isn't it ?
> Not sure that these modules are present on SPCe instalation ...
> For information:
> http://nil.uniza.sk/instant-messaging/simple/configuring-im-and-presence-kamailio-31-howto
> But  I believe that  new tables are required into kamailio DB.
> It would be very nice  to have  presence and blf  group support for the
> next SPCE release.
> Another great thing will be call transfer between group of user
> 2012/4/12 Andreas Granig <agranig at sipwise.com>
>> Hi,
>> On 04/12/2012 03:15 PM, Andrew Pogrebennyk wrote:
>> > You are right, spce doesn't provide presence support out of the box.
>> > It shouldn't be that big task to implement it on your own, you'll need
>> > to start 3rd instance of kamailio dedicated to presence on your CE box
>> > bound to, then make load-balancer route inbound SUBSCRIBE,
>> > PUBLISH and NOTIFY to it.
>> I'd rather propose to handle presence in the existing proxy instance,
>> that is, loading the relevant modules in a custom
>> /etc/ngcp-config/templates/etc/kamailio/proxy/kamailio.cfg.customtt.tt2,
>> and handle the presence messages in a new
>> /etc/ngcp-config/templates/etc/kamailio/proxy/presence.cfg.customtt.tt2.
>> With that approach, you don't have to start another kamailio instance,
>> and it's aligned with the approach how we already separate registration
>> handling with normal call handling.
>> Just my 2 cents,
>> Andreas
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