[Spce-user] peer timeouts and

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Tue Apr 24 15:54:55 EDT 2012


On 04/24/2012 05:10 PM, Matthew Ogden wrote:
> Where can I change the peer timeouts before trying the next peer, to
> something like 5 seconds rather?

Up to v2.4, you can change it in
/etc/ngcp-config/templates/etc/kamailio/lb/kamailio.cfg.tt2 (or rather
an appropriate customtt file, see below). For v2.5 I've to double-check

> Also is it possible to make a list of other SIP codes that get treated
> as codes to keep trying like |408|, |500| or |503?|

Copy /etc/ngcp-config/templates/etc/kamailio/proxy/proxy.cfg.tt2 to
then in the customtt file search for ROUTE_FILTER_FAILOVER and add reply
codes you want to include in fail-over handling. Finally, do a "ngcpcfg


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