[Spce-user] SOAP/Provisioning.wsdl syntax error

Michael Prokop mprokop at sipwise.com
Thu Aug 2 09:45:15 EDT 2012

* Daniel Speichert [Thu Aug 02, 2012 at 02:16:27PM +0200]:

> I am trying to integrate external account handling with SPCE.
> I started with checking the SOAP API docs at
> address:2443/SOAP/Provisioning.wsdl
> However, it shows the following error:

>       This page contains the following errors:

> error on line 1748 at column 19: Opening and ending tag mismatch:
> subscriber.domain line 0 and div

> I haven't modified anything manually. Why is that happening?

Looks like you're using the Chromium or Chrome browser which are
known for this bug:


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