[Spce-user] Internal error when using TLS

Jirka Jirout jirka.jirout at mac.com
Thu Aug 30 18:34:54 EDT 2012


I can now see the conversation better and it looks like this:

client-> LB: INVITE
LB    -> proxy: INVITE
proxy -> B2BUA: INVITE
B2BUA -> proxy: 100 - connecting
B2BUA -> LB: INVITE - but it goes to port 5888 (plain TCP, not TLS)
B2BUA -> proxy: 500 Server internal error
proxy -> B2BUA: ACK

So to me it looks like the B2BUA is trying to reach the TLS client using plain TCP instead of TLS and logically fails.

so just a thought... I have noticed, that our own client uses this contact string:

> sips:1001 at;transport=tcp

while another client, that seems to work fine (except for some rtp issues, but I believe these are not related) uses the following form:

> sip:1001 at;transport=tls

Now as far as I understand this, these two should be equivalent for calls between two subscribers in the same domain. Is that really so and is this a dead end or is this something worth looking into? What does the B2BUA use to determine which port and protocol to use to contact the client?

regards, jj

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