[Spce-user] CANCEL instead of ACK

HFC-Network Kft - Szabó János szabojanos at hfcnetwork.hu
Wed Dec 12 09:04:26 EST 2012

Hi all,

Last night I did an upgrade procedure (from 2.4 -> 2.5 -> 2.6). The 
original 2.4 still running because an error (the new 2.6 is on a same 
type of server). If I create a phone call to a certain mobile provider, 
After the "NAT-Reply S=183"s I get a "New request - M=CANCEL" Instead of 
"New request - M=ACK", that's in the logs.
When I pickup the phone the kamailio logs the CANCEL, but the calling is 
working, I can hear the other side and the other side is hearing me too.
The CDR in the admin interface write that the calling is failed, while I 
called for 20 seconds and it has to be rated.
To another mobile/landline provider the callings and ratings are working 

Is there anything that I have to set for the normal operations?

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