[Spce-user] Add/remove fields from CDRs and change exporter schedule.

Joel Smith | VOZELIA joel at vozelia.com
Mon Dec 17 06:28:06 EST 2012

Hi everybody,

Two little things:

1) I've seen the cdr exporter runs at:

root at sipomv1:/etc/cron.d# cat ngcp-cdr-exporter
25 * * * *   root    /usr/sbin/cdr-exporter >/dev/null
55 * * * *   root    /usr/sbin/cdr-exporter >/dev/null
root at sipomv1:/etc/cron.d#

Can I change this to what ever I need?

For example, is there any difference in running exporter once a day?
or every 15 minutes?

2) Is it possible to add/delete fields in the exported CDRs?

I facing some problems billing incoming "onnet" calls. We have
incoming calls from peer1, and we are routing those calls to peer2.
The info in those CDRs is different from the rest of the calls because
they are "onnet". Can I add for example the "Contract ID" field in the
CDR so I know what billing plan I have to apply to each onnet call?

If I haven't explained myself ok please let me know and I'll try to
give more details.

Thanks in advanced.

Best regards.

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