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On 01/09/2012 11:25 AM, Kurt Ingleson wrote:
> So on a handset, that is registered what would a user dial to access the voicemail system ? it says in the documentation the default number is 2000 ? also when is the ivr and hunt groups coming ? just wondered as we are looking for a system just like yours to start our new hosting business and i like the look of sipwise, if i install now and when these features come available is it easy to upgrade ?

For the 2000, yes, you're right, you can dial that as well. However, you
need to be careful that your other rewrite rules don't normalize that to
something else. Check your /var/log/ngcp/kamailio-proxy.log file for a
line like this: "Rewriting callee '2000' to". This shouldn't happen,
otherwise you'd need to adapt your rewrite rules for the 2000 to work.
Also check if Asterisk is running on your system, and check for any
other errors in the kamailio-proxy.log.

Hunt groups will be available in ~3 months. IVR is scheduled for summer,
but only in PRO. If you want to write your own IVR applications already
now and if you're fine with having that on an external system, you can
connect your SPCE to a service like Tropo, check
http://www.sipwise.com/news/technical/voice-apps-using-tropo/ for


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