[Spce-user] XML-RPC api question ...

Daniel Tiefnig dtiefnig at sipwise.com
Fri Jan 13 05:56:15 EST 2012

On 01/10/2012 04:14 PM, Sébastien Cramatte wrote:
> Hello,


> When we use "get_subscriber_calls" we have got a little issue.
> ¿ How can we get total calls numbers to be able to calculate
> pagination and filter results ?

Good question. The function should return the total number of matched
calls, like search_voip_account_subscribers does for subscribers. A few
other functions do have the same problem. Interestingly, I never noticed

This will be changed in one of the next versions of the platform. We'll
have to see how this fits into the release plan.


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