[Spce-user] Rating the calls within the system

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Thu Jul 5 12:57:36 EDT 2012

El Wed, 27 Jun 2012 01:45:46 -0700
Skyler <skchopperguy at gmail.com> escribió:

> Hi,
>  Yeah I think the subscriber-to-subscriber calling is automatically rated
> by the account billing_profile.
>  An interesting similar question, what if you want
> local subscriber-to-subscriber calls to be free or always rated as $0.00? I
> wonder if there could be a domain level preference such as
> 'local_calls_always_free' or something like that.

The same way you rate *.local calls for local endpoints you could add fees
matching your local domains and rate them 0.

As reminder, when a destination matches several fees, the system will use the
longest match.

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