[Spce-user] Incoming calls from sip trunk

Christopher Saroli csaroli at isysp.com
Thu Jul 5 15:13:37 EDT 2012

Thanks Jon.
I appreciate your help and patience.  I have a PAP2t right now just to test so I'll have to look at the authentication issure.. My real purpose in the future would be to an adtran TA

One question I do have is, do I have to register a device or can I just specify an ip address to send the calls to directly?

Christopher Saroli
csaroli at isysp.com

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> I have attached the capture, Thanks again

Hi Christopher.

Next time please use "ngrep-sip b" to avoid OPTIONS traffic. What I can see in your trace is an INVITE request being rejected with 407 for auth challenge and your device does not send another INVITE with the auth credentials.

Please check your device. Make sure you have configured the user and password and the device is capable of authenticating. This is not a server problem.



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