[Spce-user] drmf issue to Jon.

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Sat Jun 9 18:17:13 EDT 2012

El Thu, 7 Jun 2012 00:28:15 -0700
"Akhil Chandra" <achandra at telrouter.com> escribió:

> I have also experienced the issue.
> I am calling from a direct phone off sipwise to an "asterisk" box connected
> on the other end.
> When I call the DID for asterisk, it plays an IVR( as configured) .. but
> fails to recognize the DTMF...
> Akhil

Please refer to the "In-network voicemail caller Id fixed but no DMTF" thread.
Once you update your systems the latest template version, recheck if your
problem persists.

If you experience this problem only with callerid restriction enabled, latest
version should fix you issue. If not, please check that you're sending the dtmf
tones in rfc2833 mode and the asterisk server has that configuration option
in sip.conf (it's the default one). 

Please let us know if that worked for you.



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