[Spce-user] import billing file

Daniel Tiefnig dtiefnig at sipwise.com
Thu Mar 22 06:59:06 EDT 2012

On 03/22/2012 11:29 AM, Joan Cifre (ibred) wrote:
> Hello everybody,


> For example, in the file I have

> ^1198.*

> And when finish the importation, the fee appears as

> 1198

Well, from provisioning side that's actually a special case in the
www-admin interface. The pattern that is stored in the database *is*
^1198.* actually, but it is displayed as 1198 to show it as the simple
prefix it is. The background for that is you may enter 1198 as a dial
prefix in the web interface and it will be stored as ^1198.* in the
database to really do a prefix matching. Now to not confuse people who
only use these simple dial prefixes, we remove ^ and .* if we find a
pattern matching /^\^\d+\.\*/. I'm not absolutely sure if this is a good
idea, but that's the way it is at the moment. :)

> So the call does not match.

That's a different problem in any case. The kamailio-proxy logfile may
give some insight into that, as Andrew said.


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