[Spce-user] billing issues in a development environment

Joan Cifre (ibred) jcifre at ib-red.com
Tue Mar 27 18:10:33 EDT 2012

hera I send attached the result of the database query. The billing 
profile is number 3. The last destination is ^.*$, but for example, a 
call to 636421271 matches only with this destination, not with 16716 row 
as expected (or maybe with 3676 row if it matches international prefix). 
If I remove ^.*$, rate-o-mat stops with an error.
Hope the file can be useful

El 27/03/2012 16:30, Andreas Granig escribió:
> Hi,
> On 03/27/2012 03:23 PM, Joan Cifre (ibred) wrote:
>> - The billing system stops (rate-o-mat stopped) not only when there is
>> no match, but also when there is a match. The problem could be that we
>> have many fees (more than 10 thousand). When I have a "all-matches" rule
>> (^.\*$) at the begginning there is no problem, but when the rule to
>> match is not at the start of the list, the system does not found it and
>> rate-o-mat is stopped
> The correct rule is actually without quoting the star, like "^.*$".
> In any case, it really doesn't matter at which place you put the
> catch-all rule, because rate-o-mat re-orders it internally when trying
> to find a matching rule anyways.
> Can you show one db entry of such a billing fee (from mysql db
> "billing.billing_fees") where you expect a match (you can of course set
> the rate values to 0 for privacy reasons)? Maybe your destination colum
> is not as expected
> One other typical error we encounter with people new to the platform is
> when you see such a message in /var/log/ngcp/cdr.log:
> Error rating CDR batch: No contract id found for uuid
> 'f13c07a9-639b-45f3-be4b-915646bebac5'
> This usually comes from the fact that an account is deleted before all
> CDRs have been rated for all subscribers of this account (either via
> SOAP or in the Admin Panel). The correct approach for disabling a
> subscriber immediately is "terminating" a subscriber (that is, clicking
> the x-Button in the subscriber's master data), and only later on (once
> you're sure all CDRs are rated) really delete the account.
> The reason for that is that when you completely delete an account,
> you're not able to bill this customer anymore, whereas when you
> terminate the subscribers of this account, they can't use it anymore,
> but you're still able to rate/bill calls.
> Andreas
> Andreas
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