[Spce-user] authentication with peerings

Joan Cifre (ibred) jcifre at ib-red.com
Thu Mar 29 10:35:24 EDT 2012

Hello Andreas,
then I have an error in th configuration in my system, because the 
server I have to reach is not ib-red.com. I have to reach the server (pbx.globatel.com) but with realm "ib-red.com"
I don't understand exactly what it means, but these are the requeriments 
that send me the provider, so I have configured domain=ib-red.com in 
reg_agent.conf.tt2. In Sip Peering configuration
peer_auth_realm: ib-red.com

El 29/03/2012 15:23, Andreas Granig escribió:
> Hi,
> On 03/29/2012 10:12 AM, Joan Cifre (ibred) wrote:
>> Here you have the debug output. I can see a "failed registration" but I
>> don't see the reason. The user is "user_12345"
> It says "DEBUG: Received reply: 408 Request Timeout", which means the
> host at sip:ib-red.com:5060 is not reachable from your system, or at
> least doesn't answer your REGISTER.
> To verify that, you can do (adapt eth0 to whatever interface you use for
> the public IP):
> 	ngrep -W byline -d eth0 port 5060
> and watch the SIP REGISTER go out to the peer. You can force a
> re-register by executing "/etc/init.d/sems restart". If you don't get a
> reply, check with your peering provider if they get the message, and if
> so, why they don't answer to that.
> Andreas

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