[Spce-user] Fatal flaw?

Isaac McDonald voiplists at gmail.com
Wed May 2 19:13:38 EDT 2012

Hello all,

I just stumbled upon what appears to be a dangerous flaw in the billing
module that, under certain circumstances, can inadvertainly wipe the SPCE

I was importing an 11mb CSV file containing the rates for a billing profile
I had created. Everything looked to be moving along, the file was 11mb so
it was taking a while to upload. After a few minutes the browser timed out
with "connection timed out". After the connection timed out, rather than
hit refresh, I went to the admin interface on port 1443 and logged in only
to find that all my SIP peers, billing profiles, subscribers and accounts
are all gone.

FWIW had the option "purge" existing data checked when I was importing the
rates in the billing profile.

What logs should I comb through to try and find out what happened? As it
stands now, I have to rebuild my config from scratch unless I can find out
how to fix this.


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