[Spce-user] Twinning

Thilo Bangert thilo.bangert at gmail.com
Tue May 22 16:07:13 EDT 2012


i was wondering how complicated it would be to add "Twinning" to the ngcp?

The twinning feature, as i'd like it implemented, has the following features:

 a) A subscriber may configure a Twinning number.
 b) On incoming calls, the ngcp calls the twinning number in addition to 
ringing the "local" phone of the subscriber.
 c) If the twinning phone is picked up, the two call legs are connected - the 
twinning call is charged to the subscribers account.
 d) If the subscriber picks up his "local" phone, the twinning call is 

I probably missed a few details, but this is the basic idea.
Would others be interested in this feature?

kind regards

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