[Spce-user] General Comments and Questions

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Tue May 22 18:24:28 EDT 2012

Hello Klaus,

thank you so much for the valuable feedback! Please find my response
below. I've left out the issues/suggestions (C, F, G, H, G, K) to which
I don't have an answer yet.

On 05/22/2012 06:58 PM, Klaus Darilion wrote:
> While playing with spce I wrote down my experiences. You might be
> interested to e.g. improve documentation or the product.
> A) I would add usage of kamctl to the manual:

We provide ngcp-kamctl command:
ngcp-kamctl <proxy|lb> your_command

Also there is ngcp-sercmd for those commands that are using MI interface
on UDP SIP port.

I'll add their usage to the manual.

> B) web password and sip password for subscribers
> Probably brute-force hacking is mitigated by PIKE module, but the
> default password length of 6 characters is IMO to short and may be
> extended, eg. 12 characters. Especially SIP passwords need not be
> remembered as they are stored in the phone. It would also be cool if the
> web interface can help in choosing IDs (external IDs, web/sip usernames,
> passwords) e.g. by choosing subscriber usernames derived from account
> username and random passwords.

You can enforce longer passwords by increasing pw_min_char setting in
config.yml (since version 2.5). Good point about auto-fill, I'll create
an issue in our bugtracker.

> D) In input fields which expect a pattern/regexp it is unclear how the
> string is interpreted, e.g. when defining Number Patterns for NCOS Level
> and I want to block calls to Austria 09xx, what do I have to enter? The
> mouse-over tool-tip tells me "POSIX regular expression", thus I would
> need to enter ^439.* but the manual in section tells me to use
> 439* which is not a POSIX expression but some proprietary pattern
> matching. This confuses me in many input forms when defining
> strings/patterns/regexps.

Actually the NCOS Level definitions use mysql regexp syntax:
I'll check the tool-tip and the manual.

> E) Is there a global option to 'always_use_rtpproxy' for ALL calls? I
> guess forcing the proxy for all configured 'domains' should have the
> same effect?

By default RTP proxy is forced on all calls and this has the same effect
as forcing the proxy for all configured 'domains' using preference.

> I) The keep-alive OPTIONS requests contains the P-NGCP-Src-... Headers -
> IMO they should not be sent to the subscribers:

Ok, I'll fix this.
Will check the rest tomorrow. Thx!


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