[Spce-user] "authentication failed, stale nonce"

John Murray john.murray at skyracktelecom.com
Thu May 24 17:31:38 EDT 2012


OK I can see no data currently in the kamailio.sems_registrations table.

What do I have to do to enable 'peer registration' or registering
subscribers at external softswitch? I have just added values for that user
into peer_auth_user, peer_auth_pass and peer_auth_realm. Is there more
needed to enable this?

Best regards


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the outbound registration works independently from the kamailio proxy.
The sems sbc is responsible for registering subscribers at external
softswitch. You should see the status of last registration in
kamailio.sems_registrations table.

If there was an error sems should retry in 5 minutes according to the
error_retry_interval in db_reg_agent.conf. You can get the trace with
'ngrep-sip br'. Also you can trigger immediate re-registration for a
specific subscriber_id from sems_registrations table like:

from xmlrpclib import *
server = ServerProxy("")


On 05/24/2012 12:29 PM, John Murray wrote:
> Thanks Andrew,
> I'm trying to use SPCE as an SBC and now have the polycom registering 
> with the SPCE but I want it to also want it to register with my main
> I have completed peer_auth_user, peer_auth_pass and the ip address of 
> my main proxy in peer_auth_realm. Does this need to match something in 
> Peerings and if so which field.
> I currently get:
> INFO: <script>: IP authorization not provisioned, allow registration - 
> M=REGISTER R=sip:skyracktelecom.com:5060
> So the handset gets locally registered but not passed on to the main
> Regards
> John

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