[Spce-user] FAILIURE XMLRPC Request - ERROR: wbufq_add

Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg friedeburg at aco.de
Thu Nov 8 07:03:51 EST 2012


I get the following error in kamilio-lb when sending an YMLRPC Request to lb:
r/sbin/kamailio[1832]: INFO: <script>: New XMLRPC request - M=POST IP=
r/sbin/kamailio[1832]: ERROR: <core> [tcp_main.c:708]: ERROR: wbufq_add(91118 bytes): write queue full or timeout  (0, total 0, last write 13098323 s ago)
r/sbin/kamailio[1832]: ERROR: sl [../../forward.h:171]: msg_send: ERROR: tcp_send failed
r/sbin/kamailio[1832]: ERROR: xmlrpc [xmlrpc.c:804]: Error while sending reply
r/sbin/kamailio[1835]: ERROR: <core> [tcp_main.c:3631]: handle_ser_child: ERROR: received CON_ERROR for 0x7f2a0c077920 (id 468), refcnt 3, flags 0x4018

the xml-document receiving by OSS is incomplete:
here the last line (I have debugged the result):
ruct><member><name>name</name><value><string>218 at</string></value></mem

It seems to me that the datastream is broken at the end.

The solution ist to insert the folowing parameter in kamailio.cfg for kamialio-lb:
tcp_conn_wq_max= <byte> (default is 32768)

this solve the problem!

I think it is a good idea to insert the value in config.yml so that you can easy adjust this.

          Klaus Peter

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