[Spce-user] Changing iaddress - notes

Skyler skchopperguy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 02:26:58 EST 2012


 In another thread it was suggested to change iaddress and change
entries in config.yml. I gave that a try today and found a couple of
problems for 2.6 out-of-box.

First, there were some (at least one) hard-coded entry for in
proxy. Had to replace with [% networking.iaddress %]. Also for sems and
various files where was entered. There were about 7 files needing
updated to use [% networking.iaddress %]. Not all were absolutely needed,
but for consistency, I did the changes. Baiscally I cd /etc/ngcp-config/
then grep -r . to find all hard-coded and manually replaced those
with [% networking.iaddress %].

Also, for some reason P-D-URI is always <sip:;lr>. I could
not find where this was set from or why it was not being changed to the
correct iaddress, so I had to manually add the below to overwrite $du to
it. It was odd because something must not be changed to updated iaddress if
$du is sip:;lr ?? this I have to come back to or if Sipwise
guys know where this is being set , then I can just delete my line in proxy.

$du = "sip:[% networking.iaddress %]:[% kamailio.lb.port %];lr";
xlog("L_INFO", "Appending P-D-URI '$du' - [% logreq -%]\n");

In my travels I did also see that in the DB not all destinations are
updated to iaddress in kamailio.dispatcher, namely Fax2Mail servers was

So far that is all I can find, doing all of the above lead to no problems
at all with changing iaddress and LB / Proxy to a private IP space.

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