[Spce-user] unset_dlg when CANCEL Method received

Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg friedeburg at aco.de
Wed Nov 14 05:14:37 EST 2012

Hello sipwise,

I am a little bit confuse fort he way to handelt he dialogs:
In the kamailio docs I read only when receiving a BYE the dialog is destroyed,
But what is when a CANCEL or some othe reply-code like 5xx received?
I don’t find any section in the kamailio-proxy-script to destroy the dialog when a CANCEL received.

My problem is:
Configure in www-admin max_concurrent_channel = 1,
When make a Call from this subscriber an terminate the call while ringing, the subscriber are unable to place an other call for a while.
In this case the kamailio proxy log show "Max concurrent channels exeeded"

          Klaus Peter

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