[Spce-user] unset_dlg when CANCEL Method received

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Wed Nov 14 06:05:41 EST 2012

El Wed, 14 Nov 2012 11:41:01 +0100
"Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg" <friedeburg at aco.de> escribió:

> Hi Jon,
> I have figure out, that the dialog was NOT destroyed when the call is CANCELD
> while RINGING before 200 OK is received. The Dialog be active for 12 hours
> (the default timeout for dialogs in the modul until modparam("dialog",
> "default_timeout",xxxxx) not set.

After a quick check in my dev 2.6 spce, I've seen that the dialog is d estroyed
after those 5 seconds.

My scenario:

--> Call from pstn
<-- 180 ringing
<--200 canceling
<-- 487 Request terminated
--> ack

The 487 as negative response to the INVITE should destroy the dialog. Could you
check your scenario and see if the flow is the same?

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