[Spce-user] CFNA to voicebox generate an script error

Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg friedeburg at aco.de
Wed Nov 14 10:56:10 EST 2012


the CFNA logic in combination with the acc settings for callee produce an script-error:
[2216]: INFO: <script>:  CFNA to destination 'sip:vmu4956768933 at voicebox.local' with timeout '300' activated - R=sip:004956768933 at sip.aco-connect.de;transport=udp ID=50A3B751-000E21E2 at DHAM0_PCU-253
[2216]: INFO: <script>:  Setting acc source-leg for uuid '0': '0|+491725800631||491725800631|||<null>|||0|call|1352906577.975706' - R=sip:vmu4956768933 at voicebox.local ID=50A3B751-000E21E2
[2216]: INFO: <script>: Setting acc destination-leg for uuid '0823ad3b-91f2-490a-94df-0213f33bbeff': '||0|+4956768933|0823ad3b-91f2-490a-94df-0213f33bbeff|004956768933|sip.aco-connec...
[2216]: ERROR: pv [pv_core.c:1734]: bad parameters
[2216]: ERROR: <core> [lvalue.c:354]: setting pvar failed
[2216]: ERROR: <core> [lvalue.c:407]: assignment failed at pos: (2853,12-2853,39)

Is this: (2853,12-2853,39) the line number of the script where the error occurred?
This is 
$ru = $(avp(s:cf_destinations)[0]);

          Klaus Peter

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