[Spce-user] Troubleshooting Multiple ATA registration entries.

Dave Massey dave at optionsdsl.ca
Wed Nov 14 21:41:19 EST 2012

Ok Im moving along slowly with SPCE and my whole VoIP project in general, many thanks to help from people on this list.

My next stumbling block in SPCE is how I can start troubleshooting my issue with multiple active device registrations showing up despite there only being one device.

I just finished my ATA provisioning server and massive amounts of testing/resetting/rebooting the test ATA I have a long list of bogus entries in SPCE.

It doesnt appear to affect operation, but in the CSC, it displays "24 active devices" to the customer.

Can anyone set me on the path to finding out why?  The SPCe server is available for remote access--

The ATA is an Obihai 100 device, I imagine are quite popular and if not, they will be.



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