[Spce-user] Multiple ATA registrations

Dave Massey dave at optionsdsl.ca
Thu Nov 15 14:57:47 EST 2012

I did try this method to remove entries.  It did not work :( .  I only have 2 test subscribers each with one ata and both have multiple entries I cannot remove.
I did not try the mysql method below though yet. but maybe I shouldn't .?

On 2012-11-15, at 2:29 PM, Andreas Granig <agranig at sipwise.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 11/15/2012 04:00 PM, Skyler wrote:
>> Well, you could safely delete all existing entries from the
>> kamailio.location table for that user manually. Then refresh the web
>> page to see it clean. This won't fix the problem but because the device
>> is set to re-register every 60 seconds, you can safely clear the table
>> any time you want without worry.
>> mysql -uroot -e "delete from kamailio.location where username='problemuser'"
> Uh, this is not a good idea. The clean way is to do it is via kamctl:
> ngcp-kamctl proxy ul rm <user at domain>
> The reason for this is that kamailio keeps the registration in its
> cache, and if you delete entries from the underlying db, it doesn't have
> any effect (other than you don't see it in the admin panel anymore, but
> they are still in kamailio cache, which might cause additional confusion).
> Andreas
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