[Spce-user] Multiple ATA registrations

Dave Massey dave at optionsdsl.ca
Sun Nov 18 23:46:42 EST 2012

I was looking at RFC 3261 for call-id requiring to remain the same across reboots, and I cant find anything stating it is :( 
Im just looking for ammunition to give the developers.

Ive confirmed that it doesn't with this UA, but at this point, all they are going to say, is "so?"

On 2012-11-15, at 9:28 AM, Jon Bonilla (Manwe) <jbonilla at sipwise.com> wrote:

> El Thu, 15 Nov 2012 09:21:40 -0500
> Dave Massey <dave at optionsdsl.ca> escribió:
>> This is probably exactly whats happening. :(
> If you can confirm this issue, probably you could ask the device developers to
> update the firmware to fix it.
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