[Spce-user] billing free time

Joan Cifre (ibred) jcifre at ib-red.com
Tue Nov 20 07:34:55 EST 2012

Hi all,
in our billing profile, we need that all users have 1000 minutes of free 
calls at some destinations. To configure that, I have configured 60000 
seconds (1000 hours) in the Interval Free Time at the Billing Profile. 
Also, for each billing fee for those destinations, I have checked the 
"Use Free Time" checkbox. My goal is that every natural month, the user 
has 1000 minutes of free calls at these prefixes checked with "Use Free 
Time", but actually it doesn't work. I think I'm missing something, or 
example I don't know where to tell the system that my Interval is one month.
Any help would be very appreciated.
Kind regards,

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