[Spce-user] Local and not local callee

Imanol Pardavila imanol.pardavila at ibercom.com
Tue Nov 20 10:32:01 EST 2012

Hi everybody,

I have the following subscriber:

root at server:~# ngcp-get_subscriber -i 27

Subscriber information:
   'cc' => '34',
   'sn' => '911920847',
   'subscriber_id' => '27',
   'uuid' => 'f2883e7b-5642-4bb6-9684-c9525323d3d7',

My problem is that if I call him from another subscriber using "full" 
number (34911920847), the callee is considered local and the call is 
sent to him (not to outbound peer):

INFO: <script>: Searching for callee
INFO: <script>: Callee was aliased with base '34911920847'
INFO: <script>: Clear callee preferences
INFO: <script>: Callee is local, uuid='f2883e7b-5642-4bb6-9684-c9525323d3d7'

However, If I use only SN (911920847), the callee is considered not 
local and it's sent to defined peer:

INFO: <script>: Searching for callee
INFO: <script>: Clear callee preferences
INFO: <script>: Callee is not local

In Spain, SN is more used than CC+SN, so it's important for me that 
calls between local calls using SN would be routed directly.

I tried using this Rewrite Rule Set to reach a CC+SN number when a SN 
one arrived to the server:

      Inbound Rewrite Rules for Callee

Macth Pattern: ^([1-9][0-9]+)$
Replacement Pattern: 34/1

It works for delivering the call when callee is called from PSTN, but 
not for considering it local when called from another subscriber.

What can I do to consider SN number as a local number?

Best regards
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