[Spce-user] Fwd: Call forwarding issue

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Tue Nov 20 15:12:57 EST 2012

Hi Jeremie,
it sounds like your gateway does connect the call in early media. They
have been sending the 183 Session Progress at some intervals for 34
seconds, then nothing for 14 seconds, then finally a 180 and 200 OK.
Can't say when the media path was connected, or what exactly happened
from this log, for that please ask your carrier.

On 20/11/2012 20:49, Jeremie Chism wrote:
> grep log also 
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> From: *Jeremie Chism* <jchism2 at gmail.com <mailto:jchism2 at gmail.com>>
> Date: Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 1:44 PM
> Subject: Call forwarding issue
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> <spce-user at lists.sipwise.com <mailto:spce-user at lists.sipwise.com>>
> I am experiencing a problem with call forwarding.  I have a line
> 318396xxxx that is call forwarded to 318537xxxx which is an external
> cell phone.  When someone calls the 396xxxx number it rings the 537
> number.  The call is answered by the 537 and audio works fine.  At 30
> seconds the call is dropped on the 537 number.  To the person calling
> the 396 number it does not drop, it just starts ringing and is connected
> to the 537 number again.  At this point the call works fine.  Any help
> would be greatly appreciated.  Log file attached
> -- 
> Jeremie Chism
> Triton Communications

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