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Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Wed Nov 21 07:11:28 EST 2012

El Wed, 21 Nov 2012 11:00:41 +0100
"Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg" <friedeburg at aco.de> escribió:

> Yes right ist BT

Ok. So first, before trying to disable 100rel in the client device or in the
spce, we'll try this:

- Make sure that the headers required for the PRACK to work against Siemens Hiq
  (bt's servers) are present in the sbc profile:


IF kamailio.proxy.presence.enable == "yes"
%],Event,Expires,Subscription-State,Accept[% END %]
IF kamailio.proxy.presence.enable == "yes"
%],Event,Expires,Subscription-State,Accept[% END %],Require,RAck

Please check if "Require and RAck" headers are whitelisted or add them as shown
to the sbc profile.

Other considerations regarding this Siemens Hiq behaviour and not related to
the PRACK stuff:

- Usually port 5060 is TCP with UDP failback to them. They use 5070 for UDP
  only and another port for TCP only. I would set the sip trunk to their port
  5070 to force UDP-only peering.

- If they start a tcp connection to you (their preferred method) you can have
  problems if the spce or their server closes the onnection because they
  firewall everything except port 5060 and you can't re-establish the
  connection. To make sure that the spce does not close the tcp connection add
  these parameters to the kamailio-lb configuration file:



  This won't help you if they close the connection but you will be sure that
  the spce does not. 

- The session timers for the hiq have a min expires of 1800. If you enable
  session timers for this gw, make sure you set it at least to 1800 and your
  ngcp-sems version is up to date (I need to release an updated version with
  session timer fixes this week, so expect an update soon).


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