[Spce-user] SIP-Response INJECTION

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Wed Nov 21 09:17:28 EST 2012

El Wed, 21 Nov 2012 14:49:16 +0100
"Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg" <friedeburg at aco.de> escribió:

> Hi Jon,
> I am not sure but I have found something in the kamailio-doc's:
> There exist an function "ring_insert_callid()"
> From the doc:
> 4.1.  ring_insert_callid()
> Inserting the call-id in the internal list, which is checked when further
> replies arrive. Any 183 reply that is received during the timeout value will
> be converted to a 180 message. Please note that you need to set a positive
> timeout value in order to use this function. The function returns TRUE on
> success, and FALSE during processing failures. This function can be used from
> Do you have some experiences with this? Can this be a solution for my problem?

No. I don't think this can help you. Anyways you can also do response
translation in the sbc profile but I wouldn't.

Let's try something really dirty and see if it works. We can do it better later

Edit you lb configuration and add this:

# Forgive me!
if(is_present_hf("Supported") | is_present_hf("Allow"))
  replace_all('PRACK,', "");
  replace_all('PRACK;', "");
  replace_all('PRACK', "");
  replace_all('100rel,', "");
  replace_all('100rel;', "");
  replace_all('100rel', "");

Check that no PRACK or 100rel strings are sent to bt during the initial INVITE
and bt won't send a 100rel in the required header of the response.

Try it also for incoming calls.

> I have spoken with ZYXEL about this problem, but they need some large time to
> fix it in the firmware of the cpe.
> Some other answers in the text below.

> When I disabled the session timer in sems the session timer works directly
> between the PSTN-Gateway and the SIP-End-Node. I see reINVITE messages every
> 1800 secs, or whatever is configured in the endpoint,  coming from PSTN-GW
> and forwarded to the client and from there are handled with 200 OK and vice
> versa. For OnNET Calls the session timer works directly from one CPE to the
> other CPE.  I am not sure but in our scenario we don’t need to use
> session-timer. 

Ok. Not very clean but I guess it works for you because you have a transparent
header configuration. 

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