[Spce-user] DDI definition with subscriber

Samcik Matej matej.samcik at slovanet.net
Fri Nov 23 08:17:14 EST 2012


would experienced user advice me the best approach for defining subscriber DDI, lets say 10 numbers?  I dont know how to define E.164 number and SIP URI for such DDI.

I have DDI for example +421 32 285111X

how to define subscriber? E164 as +421 32 285111 and SIP URI 032285111 or do I need set up aliases? +421 32 285111

I am able to call from DDI with allowed clis definition 032285111[0-9], but cannot get working inbound DDI. Permanent contact is not working for me I have tried sip:032285111 at myip:5060.

Thanks for reply

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