[Spce-user] Problem with emergency numbers - emergency_prefix/emergency_suffix not used

Marcin Kowalczyk marcin.kowalczyk at architekci.it
Tue Nov 27 15:44:48 EST 2012


 I've found a problem with NGCP CE, and I'm not sure if it's a bug or
miss-configuration. I've followed

I've created default rewrite rule set with emergency number, that works
fine. I can see that it get's rewrited to emergency_112.
Then I've created new rule set with "Outbound Rewrite Rules for Callee"
matching ^emergency_(.+)$ pattern replacing to ${emergency_prefix}${caller_
ac}\1 and assigned it to outgoing peer group.

After emergency call is made, rewrite part works partialy - for
emergency_prefix or emergency_suffix are not skipped: so emergency_112 is
rewrite to ie 12112 (as caller_ac is set to 12).
Emergency prefix or suffix are in table usr_preferences

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