[Spce-user] Peering config

John Murray john.murray at skyracktelecom.com
Sun Sep 2 17:07:02 EDT 2012



I have a PSTN supplier (peer) who has 2 x /27, 1 x /26 and 1 x /32 subnets
as gateway addresses from which calls could originate.

Must I configure individual peers for each of the 60+ address in those
ranges or is there a more elegant method such as the trusted table? ( They
don't do authentication)


Also for outbound they say to use sip:
<sip:%3cnumber%3e at sip-wholesale.provider.com>
<number>@sip-wholesale.provider.com which has a number of SRV records.

Is this supported or must I regularly resolve the addresses and enter them?


Finally is there support for monitoring state of peers with OPTIONS messages
for resiliency etc.


Many thanks





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