[Spce-user] Provisioning with NuSOAP - client denied by server configuration

Juan Abreu juan.abreu at dauphintelecom.com
Mon Sep 10 16:39:36 EDT 2012


This is my first time writing in the list, so if I'm doing something 
wrong or missing some information let me know.

I'm doing the integration of our provisioning system and SIPWISE 2.5, 
our provisioning system is developed in PHP, so I'm using NuSOAP 0.9.5 
for SOAP calls, but I'm getting an error in the server oss.log "client 
denied by server configuration: 

The credentials are OK as I'm able to connect to the Sipwise NGCP 
Administration Interface with them. So I'm stuck here.

Here is my php code:

ini_set('display_errors', '1');

$c = new nusoap_client("https://ServerIP:2443/SOAP/Provisioning.wsdl");
$soapaction = 
$namespace = "https://ServerIP:2443/SOAP/Provisioning";
$request = array('authentication' => array('username' => 'validuser', 
'password' => 'validpassword', 'type' => 'admin'), 'parameters' => 
array('id' => "3"));
$result = $c->call("get_voip_account_by_id", $request, $namespace, 
$soapaction, false, null, 'rpc', 'encoded');

echo "<br><br>$result[faultcode]";
echo "<br><br>$result[faultstring]";


When run in the client nothing is show in the logs or webpage. at the 
server I got this error:

Sep 10 15:55:34 morgoth apache2: [info] [client IP] Connection to child 
4 established (server myserver:443)
Sep 10 15:55:34 morgoth apache2: [info] Seeding PRNG with 656 bytes of 
Sep 10 15:55:34 morgoth apache2: [info] Initial (No.1) HTTPS request 
received for child 4 (server myserver:443)
Sep 10 15:55:34 morgoth apache2: [error] [client IP] client denied by 
server configuration: 
Sep 10 15:55:34 morgoth oss: Client IP - - [10/Sep/2012:15:55:34 -0400] 
"POST /SOAP/Provisioning.wsdl HTTP/1.1" 403 1532 "-" "NuSOAP/0.9.5 (1.123)"
Sep 10 15:55:34 morgoth apache2: [info] [client IP] Connection closed to 
child 4 with standard shutdown (server myserver:443)

Any help will be appreciate.

I promise when got this sorted out, I'll do a tutorial on how to 
provisioning SIPWISE with NuSOAP,  so it will be available to all the 
community ;).

Thanks in advance for your time.


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