[Spce-user] Billing profiles for peers in transit model

Gavin Sweet gavin.sweet at skyracktelecom.com
Tue Sep 25 10:54:08 EDT 2012

Hi - 


Trying to understand how billing profiles are applied to SIP peering
contracts ..


Our set up is effectively as a transit switch, switching calls from Peer1 to
Peer2, no subscriber is involved in the scenario described below.


We have a specific billing profile (lets call it Peer1_billing) associated
with a specific contract and contact (lets call it Peer1).


This billing profile has on/off peak times properly set up. The billing
profile has only 2 simple billing fees associated with it: Zone "Peer1" and
then Zone detail either "Zone1" and "Zone2" - for two different destinations
(configured as the first part of the number, like 447123456, as per the
peering rules).


The peering rules for Peer1 are very simple, just send traffic for the given
Callee Prefix to the Peer server. There are only two Callee Prefixes set up
like 447123456 to route those calls to the associated Peer IP address.


The calls route properly to the Peer, and we can see call records being
written and exported to CDR, but the fields I would expect to be written in
from the billing profiles do not appear.


In the CDR we get carrier_zone as "onnet" and carrier_destination as
"platform internal", I would have expected to see these as the Zone "Peer1"
and Zone detail "Zone1" or "Zone2".

Why do these not pick up the details from the Peer1_billing profile?

Customer_zone and customer detail are null - I assume because there is no
subscriber, so no subscriber profile to apply for these fields?


I would appreciate guidance on how this setup should be configured to allow
me to identify specific call types (not just based on number) transiting to
the specific peer.


Thanks in advance.




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